How a drone wedding show is a stunning way to complete your perfect day!

How a drone wedding show is a stunning way to complete your perfect day!



Drones have become a popular addition to wedding celebrations, providing a unique and memorable experience for both the couple and their guests. A wedding drone show can be custom tailored to the wedding and include a variety of different elements, from aerial footage of the ceremony and reception to a spectacular drone light show that can be choreographed to music.

How a wedding drone show is created

The process of planning and executing a drone show for a wedding begins with a consultation with the couple. During this meeting, our drone show company will discuss the couple’s vision for the show and determine the best location for the drones to fly. They will also discuss the type of music and lighting effects that will be used to create the perfect atmosphere.


Once the details have been agreed upon, our creative team is set to the task of creating a unique wedding drone show. This includes creating storyboards and animations to ensure the perfect wedding drone light performance. The drones are equipped with LED lights that can be programmed to create a variety of different patterns and designs. This can include spelling out the couple’s names, creating a heart shape in the sky, or even creating a fireworks-like display.


After the storyline of the wedding drone show is perfectly clear for the happy couple, we can start putting things in motion. We will arrange al the right permits, get the drones to the location and set up the drones and test them before the wedding ceremony.


The cost of a wedding drone light show can vary depending on the number of drones used, the length of the show, added effects such as fireworks and performers and the complexity of the lighting and music effects. Have a look at our drone show cost page to find out more information about how the costs for such a wedding drone show is calculated. We can further explain this in detail if you want, just send us a message and we are happy to help!


By the way, images speak louder than words! Here’s a wedding drone show we flew where the bridal couple loved to travel together. So we created unique flashbacks in the skies surrounding their precious travel moments. Cool fact: this was the first time ever water projection was used in combination with drones. Check it out:


We love wedding drone shows!

Overall, a drone show for a wedding provides a unique and memorable experience for both the couple and their guests. The aerial footage and light show can add an extra layer of magic to the special day and create lasting memories that can be cherished for years to come. With therange of possibilities being endless, it’s definitely worth considering to make your special day a little more special.




Our drone performances combine sight with sound. Awe with inspiration. Drones with art. Fiction and reality. Whether you’re looking for an intimate performance or a grand spectacle, expect us to push boundaries and have your attendees’ minds blown.




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