We lit up the skies during the Formula 1 Las Vegas drone show

We lit up the skies during the Formula 1 Las Vegas drone show



Las Vegas will be returning to the Formula 1 calendar next season. To tee up next year’s race, Caesars Palace hosted an all-day launch event to give fans a taste of the action to come. During this party, we flew a beautiful Formule 1 Las Vegas drone show above the palace on Saturday, November 5th 2022.

"We are thrilled to welcome our fans to the launch of the 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix!" - F1 CEO and President Stefano Domenicali

Three stunning Formula 1 Las Vegas drone shows

In our view, there’s no better way to welcome the Formula 1 fans than with three stunning light shows. The first show flown was over Caesars Palace for the introduction of the drivers and teams. With 10 teams each consisting of 2 drivers, our Formula 1 Las Vegas drone show was an unique way to show the audience who they can expect to see in the living flesh during the race next year. This show was sponsored by T-Mobile .


The 2nd show we flew during the opening of The Killers’ concert in the VIP village. 3000 invitees could enjoy 400 drones announcing the countdown of ticket sales, creating a cool tangible kick-off moment of Formula 1 coming to Las Vegas. Formula 1 organized this show.


The 3rd show was flown for Heineken. Their well-known logo could be seen at the end of the killers’ concert, hovering above the podium. We combined this show with fireworks once again, making it a fitting climax to a great show, memorable day, and Formula 1 coming to Las Vegas!


We flew this show with our partner: TWOFIFTYK

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We’ve been around the block way before these Formula 1 Las Vegas drone shows. Our drone show company has, for example, been lighting up the skies above Black Rock City. Check out our Burning Man 2022 drone show. And there are many more drone shows from where that came from! Interested in what a drone show costs or how we set up a drone show proposal? We’d love to let you know!

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